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Charlie Chaplin


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Go back to the past and revive your emotions!! !!

View the happy events of your life on your PC or your television set…”

Relive these memories of the past on modern supports (DVD, CD, key USB, hard Disks) which will be welcomed with joy by your descendantst to prolong your Genealogy

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Studio 8 Catalan carries out the digitalization of audio-visual contents and the transfer of:

in format DVD or other




Find all the outstanding and important events of your life, a personal self- made service, of audio and video transfer and mounting..

Do not leave, your family film reels 8 or super 8 to worsen longer in a wall cupboard or your attic

Le Telecine* makes it possible to convert a film (Silver film*) into video source, mainly adapted to the remote transmission, the recording or the edition of video supports (Videotape, DVD, Blu-ray disc, etc).

it is a question of transfering the contents from each image and of converting the frequency of original projection of film of 16 i/s for the mute 8mm , 18 i/s for the mute S8mm, 24 i/s for sound S8… at the frequency of video image of a current television set of 25 i/s for the PAL and 29,97 i/s for the NTSC,

Digitalization, then the mounting of film are the stages impossible to circumvent of the process before the final phase of engraving on the selected support.